Premium Remi Tape Extensions

There is nothing ordinary about Bella Karizma Hair from the JBS Hair Collection. Don’t let the price tag fool you. When it comes to quality 100% Premium Remi Human Hair Bella Karizma is affordable luxury. It’s like getting a brand new Lexus for the price of a Toyota.

Bella Karizma is an affordable way to create sexy, carefree styles like a multi-colored, layered wig. Creating a wig is an amazing way to achieve highlights or color without the damage that chemicals can do to your natural hair.

With a Karizma Remi wig you can spend your time swimming, working out or partying with no worries. Simply shampoo your wig over and over, and still have an amazing look all summer or winter long. Bella Karizma and Sexy go Hand-in-Hand.

Ask your local beauty supply store for Bella Karizma by JBS Hair.