Natural Remi Adhesive Hair Extension

Seamless Adhesive “Tape” Hair Extension

Pink Diamond Natural Remi is a 100% the finest Remi human hair. They can be attached to your hair by the flexible bonding tape, which enables you to wear them in a short instance and relieves you from worries about bumps in the hair. More importantly, you can remove them whenever you choose to and reuse them as brand-new extensions. Different from traditional hair extensions, seamless skin wefts are produced without the conventional gluing system.

Instead, the creative use of a professional tape system, to a large extent, accounts for the convenience of such skin wefts. Due to this unique design, seamless skin wefts enable the wearers to temporarily place one or more extensions at various positions in order to thicken and lengthen the original hair style. The double-sided tape makes the process of use quite easy and time-saving.

Ask your local beauty supply for Pink Diamond Natural Remi by JBS Hair.