Brazilian Jerry Curl

Who is SHE? SHE is sultry, SHE is sensuous, SHE sets the mood, SHE has got it going on! SHE is 100% Human Hair and premium fibers blended together to make magic happen.

SHE Brazilian is available in a variety of styles including Body Wave, Jerry Curl, Ocean Wave and a variety of colors and lengths that allow for versatile styling options.

Especially for those “oooh I want to look different tonight “occasions, time to break out the SHE from the JBS Hair Collection. The mood setter, with sexy curls already in place, the short or long style that simply needs to be weaved on to immediately see that on this night, the club scene will be jumping and from across the room they will know She is wearing that SHE!

Get your stylists to measure your head and create a HOT, sexy wig with SHE Brazilian. The texture feels like a natural and you can curl it with temperature up to 350F degrees.

Let the party girl out tonight and let her rule the dance floor, cause SHE looks so good! When you want to be Chic be on the look out for SHE!