Urban Beauty 100% Human Hair is the Yaki brand that has been the mainstay of the JBS Hair Collection for more than 11 years. The extensions are soft and manageable with a natural texture that is easy to curl and straighten.

Just wait until you see the way the straight Yaki extensions blend so smoothly with your naturally curly hair. The way the light reflects the shine and luminous beauty of Urban Beauty extensions. The way the colors mesh together to show you how striking highlights will look on you with strands of Urban Beauty tracked throughout your tresses.

Making extensions from Urban Beauty your choice for creating the ideal weave style is like notes coming together on the keyboard to form the perfect love song. They are both in harmonious tune!

From straight to curly and anything in between, you get maximum usage with this superior Yaki brand. Creating zesty styles with the ultimate sex appeal is ideal with quality 100% Human Hair by Urban Beauty. When you feel like walking on the wild side and letting the tiger out in you, or if you just want to be subtle and cute, your ultimate goals will be realized with this excellent brand of hair.

Ask your local beauty supply store for Urban Beauty by JBS Hair.